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Balcony Gallery Artists

Lauren Reiner









As an artist, creativity and ritual facilitator, healer, and student of planetary shifts and mysticism, my journey is guided by a deep passion for expressing the ineffable through imagery. My mission extends beyond creation; it encompasses guiding others to ignite their creative flames and tap into their latent power.

Utilizing watercolor, acrylic, chalks, pencils, pens, and image transfers, I weave a tapestry of visual storytelling. Through these diverse mediums, I delve into the realms of Spirit, energy, and the intangible facets that shape our identities. I explore each medium's nuances, pushing their boundaries to inspire the subjects and themes that manifest in my work. My fascination with the human form, coupled with a dedication to energetic healing practices, imbues my art with a profound sense of empathy and connection. Moreover, I draw inspiration from the ever-shifting shapes of nature, finding beauty and wisdom in its constant evolution.

I received a Bachelor's Degree in Art at Indiana University, Bloomington and a Masters degree in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont.  

I currently teach mixed-media classes through the Indianapolis Art Center in Broad Ripple.

Bob Reiberg









After several decades as a science teacher in public schools in the US Virgin Islands and Indianapolis, at the age of forty-two, I took a pottery class at the Indianapolis Art League (now the Indianapolis Art Center).


I had already taught my self both silversmithing and darkroom photography but was quickly captivated by the fluid movements of wheel throwing. Working with clay on a potter’s wheel is so much more tactile and immediate than the other crafts and it felt like I was making

music on the potter’s wheel.

I quickly abandoned my other artistic endeavors and after five years of learning the craft of ceramics I left public education and took up a life as a full time potter.


From 1995 to 2022 I taught adult ceramics at the Art Center one day a week but most of the time I was in my studio making pots or on the road selling them at arts

fairs around the country.

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