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Our Beliefs.

At Meridian Street, we have a vision and mission statement, but it’s our Statement of Inclusion that makes our congregation unique. Meridian Street is a large extended family of believers who share in a long history of mission and ministry in the Indianapolis area and far beyond. We honor our deep roots within the United Methodist tradition as well as our unique experience of God as a vibrant community of faith.

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At Meridian Street:

You are loved and welcomed here.

You can lead and serve here.

You can love and marry here.


Through Christ we seek to grow in faith as we serve, love and share God's unexpected grace.


Communities thriving
and growing in the
fruit of the spirit.

Our History.

…”there has never been a time when the church now known as
Meridian Street United Methodist Church has not been a significant presence in the religious life of Indianapolis.”
   – Daniel F. Evans Sr.

As old as Indianapolis itself.

Meridian Street United Methodist Church is the oldest congregation in a town that began with log cabins and rutted roads. 2021 marked the 200th anniversary of Meridian Street United Methodist Church. The year was filled with celebrations honoring the continued life of worship, service, and community involvement for which Meridian Street has come to be known.


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